Digital Nature Builds TestMyReference: A Web-Based Service for Job Seekers is a web-based service that allows job seekers to upload their resumes and have their listed references checked for quality. The service is designed to provide job seekers with the confidence that their references will help them secure the job they want.

As a web development company, Digital Nature was approached by TestMyReference to develop this web-based service. We used Nuxt.js, a framework based on Vue.js, to create a powerful and responsive user interface. The site was hosted on a serverless Netlify backend, providing scalable and cost-effective hosting.

Building a Fast and Scalable Website with Nuxt.js

To create a website that could handle large amounts of traffic and deliver a seamless user experience, Digital Nature used Nuxt.js. Nuxt.js is a powerful framework that allows for both static and server-side rendering, making the website fast and scalable.

In addition to the speed and scalability benefits, Nuxt.js also enabled us to build a website that was easy to maintain and update. The framework includes many built-in features and plugins that allow for rapid development and deployment.

A Serverless Backend with Netlify

To ensure that the website was reliable and scalable, Digital Nature used a serverless Netlify backend. Netlify is a cloud-based platform that automates the deployment and hosting of websites, providing features such as continuous integration and serverless functions.

Using Netlify, we were able to build a backend that was highly scalable and could handle large amounts of traffic. The platform also provided easy integration with other tools and services, allowing for seamless data storage and retrieval.

Creating an Intuitive User Interface

To make the reference checking process as easy as possible for users, Digital Nature worked closely with Test My Reference to create an intuitive user interface. The website features:

  • A clear and simple navigation menu that allows users to quickly find the information they need.
  • A streamlined reference check process that guides users through each step of the process.
  • A responsive design that looks great on desktop and mobile devices.

Through multiple rounds of feedback and iteration, Digital Nature was able to create a website that was user-friendly and easy to use.


By leveraging technologies such as Nuxt.js and Netlify, Digital Nature was able to create a fast, reliable, and scalable website for Test My Reference. With a serverless backend and intuitive user interface, the website provides a seamless experience for users looking to validate their professional references.

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