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Digital Nature is a website development company that builds digital products across all major industries. Here are just a few of our favorites.


Wealthier Today is a financial education tool designed to help people understand and take action on their personal finances. The site is built using JAMstack architecture with a headless content management system (CMS) serving content to a Vue powered front end. It is hosted on Netlify, a service that provides continuous deployment and hosting for static sites and applications.

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4x4Builder is an interactive 3D application which allows users to construct their ideal 4x4 vehicle in the browser. Using Google's Firebase real-time database for storing and saving app data along with React and Three.js on the front-end, we were able to produce an app that is as easy to use as it is powerful.

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testmyreference.com is a reference checking service for job seekers. This web based service allows users to upload their resume and have their listed references checked for quality. The site was built using Nuxt.js running on a serverless Netlify backend.

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vioffroad.com is an off road enthusiast community where users from around Vancouver Island can meet to plan adventures and share their rides. This site was built using the Drupal content management system and includes a full featured forum and GPS mapping system for sharing user submitted routes and destinations.

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